April 20, 2012

I’m going to take a break from blogging (or perhaps bragging…the new stuff is pretty terrific) about the things we got through our grant.  I want to talk about a project we did this week, a project we’ve done every year for at least the last ten years.

It begins with a shower curtain liner, preferably a clear one or, at the very least, a frosted one. Because it is about twice the size of our tables, I fold it in half and let the kids paint it with “grown-up” acrylic paints.  We discuss the reason they wouldn’t want to get these paints on their clothes and why they need to wear paint shirts.  Some years (when I remember) I tell them which side will be “up” when it’s hung. This year it didn’t matter.  They painted the two halves over three days and ended up with blocks and splotches of color accented with red polka dots.

Once it’s all dry, I hang it on a shower rod across our hallway.  Then comes the surprise for our kids.  I cut the curtain into big strips, almost all the way to the top.  It ends up looking like a wildly painted car wash.  Then, not so much for the kids, but more for the parents, I add a sign.  It reads “Have you ever walked through a piece of art?”  

The thought of walking through a piece of art absolutely delights me,  the kids not so much.  But for me…okay, we do it every year for me.  After all, have YOU ever walked through a piece of art?