The 18th of April, 2012 (The British are coming! The British are coming!)

When we got the refillable blocks, we also got (among other things) a set of refillable kaleidoscopes.

They’re about eight inches tall and the top is Velcro-ed on, so that’s where the beads or tissue paper or whatever go.  The class had a lot of fun deciding what to put in each of the six kaleidoscopes.  In fact, they filled a few so full that no light gets through.  We didn’t do anything about that; I’m waiting for them to discover that a couple of the scopes don’t work.  Maybe they’ll even figure out why and we can take some of the gold Christmas garland out. On the other hand, we’re running out of time; school ends for the year on May 18th. (Phoenix schools begin their year early in August when the heat is intense, but you don’t want to hear me ranting on that subject.) So it’s possible that no one will pick up the one or two blocked kaleidoscopes, which means I’ll have to decide whether or not to point them out to the class.  In the meantime, here are the views from some of the scopes: