April 5, 2012

Remember this?

We covered a free canvas (thank you, Art Resource Center) with bottle tops, also free.  It really looked good and we even exhibited it at the church that houses my preschool.  Then it went up on one of our bulletin boards.  It hung there for a couple of weeks and then a couple of the tops fell off.  I glued them back on.  In fact I did that for about a week and then said…well, never mind what I said.  I decided to pull them all off.  When I did, I was so pleased with the lovely circles left behind by the glue.  Some of them even had printing left behind by the tops.  So I put it out for the kids to paint.  They didn’t.  One girl stopped by the table and thought about gluing a top back on, but no one painted.  Oh well, this past week we put it out again.  This time I put out some cups of liquid water colors (you know, to kind of subtly push them in that direction.)  Look what we got!

It’s fantastic, so lovely and peaceful.  Good things come to those who wait!  And other than the paint, both projects were free, all donations.  A perfect preschool project!